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        Site Key words:

        Huzhou Huayang Dressing Material Co.,Ltd- is a professional manufacturer of peeled Okoume veneers. The products meet the demand of different markets globally. Our supply is guaranteed by our sustainable log import,
        which covers more than half from Congo to China. We have flexible policy in making special dimensions, which are not easily available in the market. We understand the international rules and have a reasonable control on the quality. Our specialty makes us leading in this industry...
        Okoume Veneer C+ Grade Okoume Veneer D Grade
        Okoume Veneer E/EP Grade  
        Huzhou Huayang Dressing Mate-rial Co.,Ltd
        Add:yangxi industrial zone, Huzhou,         Zhejiang
        E-mail:[email protected]
          Copyright©2008-2010 Huzhou Huayang Dressing Material Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved. Support:057123.com
          Add:yangxi industrial zone, Huzhou, Zhejiang Tel:0572-3250333 Fax:0572-3250666
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